Quickie Ideas

Quickie Ideas


submitted by: Cristen Hammel


iphone quickieI was talking to my mom one day about a mutual friend of ours who is about to have twins and how her husband is not involved with her pregnancy. My mom was concerned and said “I hope she has a good support system because she should not expect to get any help from him”. It made me realize (and I started discussing with my mom) how lucky I was to have a husband who was not only ecstatic about both of my pregnancies but has been a tremendous help both during and after (I have a 2 yr old an a 3 mo. old).

After I hung up the phone I felt I should let him know what I just let my mom know so I texted him and left the following message: (I could have called his office and spoke with him directly but thought this would be extra special)

“Hi Don… its me.  I was just talking on the phone with my mom about you and feel you should know what I said.  I was telling her how amazing you are and how nice it was to have you so excited about each of my pregnancies.  I was also telling her about how you helped me both during and after and how you continue to pick up the slack on a daily basis even after a long hard days work.

“I miss you terribly when you are at work and hope you know that I love and appreciate you very much… hope the rest of your day is great! I love you. Bye”

He called me immediately and I could just tell from the tone in his voice that he felt loved and appreciated.