submitted by: Amber Edwards


romantic-love-painted-on-the-wall-remodeling-ideasWhen my fiancé and I bought our house, it was in desperate need of repairs.

Throughout the living room project we fought about everything from trim to carpet color. The only thing that we could agree on is that if we made it through the remodel we could make it through anything.

One day in particular we went at it all day long.  He finally got tired and went to bed.  The next day we were planning on painting the walls.  After I knew he was asleep, I went into the living room and wrote 100 reasons why I loved him and wanted to marry him on the walls with glow in the dark chalk.  I lit candles and put on his favorite slow song.  I went in and woke him up.  After the complaining, he finally agreed to come into the living room.  When we got there, he saw the walls, and after reading about two, he started crying and apologizing.

He loves to tell everyone how our home holds our love in the walls.  The only thing we fought about after that was if we should paint the walls, or leave them the way I left them.

We finally painted them, but only after he video taped them so he would have them forever.  It is wonderful to know that under the surface, our love notes are still there.