submitted by: Heidi


stk97390corWhen re-doing the bathroom, it got to the painting part. My mate allowed me full rule on whatever I did as far as that went. I opted for a bag rolled effect.

I had him hold the shield while I rolled [rather than tape off areas]. This consisted of him having to stand right behind me with both arms around me, not touching me, but rather holding a shield against each area I was rolling up to.

I did not rush, as it is a small bathroom and it allowed us a fun CLOSE time with smiles and a sense of loving and the joy of both sets hands in the project. The closeness we had was like being one person doing this project. We were together, and without words, He knew where I needed him to be next. It was a time that we could not touch intimately, to keep paint from being every where, as well as wanting to complete the project. But the intimacy was there and we did not have to guess about it.

We will have a reminder of these moments with each bath in the claw foot tub [to be put back in soon] as we look at the walls and their designs. The tile floor goes in next and we have decided to do that project together as well.