submitted by: Gloria Jacobsen


romantic-indoor-picnic-ideas-remodeling-couple-dating-ideasMy husband and I had our kitchen remodeled.  One day it seemed as if the noise and the presence of workers in the house and the children clamoring home from school was taking its strain on my sanity.

I mentioned to my husband on his way home from work the tension I was feeling from not being able to use the kitchen to cook our meals.  When Jim came home that evening, he announced that he had called his sister to feed and baby-sit the kids for the evening.

After his sister picked up the children, he led me into the bedroom, spread a quilt on the floor, and set out the bottle of wine and the bread, cheese and fruit he bought on the way home.  We spent two lovely and memorable hours eating and discussing things we had no time to for two weeks because of the noise and confusion in our home.