submitted by: Kristine Holmgren


man remodelingMy husband hates remodeling and home repair. So, when our kitchen ceiling fell in after a broken pipe, and the budget dictated we had to fix it ourselves, my heart ached for him.

Of course, a fallen kitchen ceiling meant we were driven away easy access to our stove, refrigerator and freezer for an entire week. I knew that, if conditions remained, my sweetie would become even more unhappy if he missed his treats. And so, on the first day of the kitchen work, I made him breakfast in bed.  On the second day, I baked his favorite cake. On the third day I made a cheese soufflé and picked fresh flowers for an arrangement in our bedroom .

I made every day a special event in our marriage. When the repair was over, he was so blissed he asked if I wanted any additional remodeling done! I assured him that all I have ever wanted was for him to be happy.  He is, and so am I!