While Remodeling

While Remodeling


submitted by: Jaynie F.

indoor picnicWhen we were remodeling our kitchen, it was the best thing that happened to but us back into our romantic sync! We were so tired of going out to eat all the time that one night I decided to pack all of his favorite foods that I had gotten at the local deli and bakery into a picnic basket, added a bottle of wine and some strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream for dessert and one big thick fluffy blanket, some votive candles and brought it all into the bedroom for a “mattress picnic.”

It was very romantic and with a little imagination you can turn a plain dessert into a sizzling one! After that night, we did the same in different locations throughout the house until the kitchen was done!

We also experienced a variety of different foods that we normally would not have and took turns on who would put the dinner together for that night. One night I had a “construction dinner” where I packed a meal in empty paint cans, (unused of course) and got some cute paintbrush candy and some candy tools! I laid it all out on a drop cloth and set a ladder next to it with candles on each step. I wore painters bibs and a paint hat as I greeted him!

It really helped take the stress out of the remodeling and some romantic fun back into our relationship!