submitted by: Nayla


romantic-wood-carving-name-home-building-remodeling-ideasWe got this idea when renovating a 400 year-old family home and discovering that the builders slipped current newspaper articles between the plaster slats before sealing it all up.  Now, whenever we close a project, we seal in tokens of our own. Copies of marriage certificates, love letters or special ticket stubs, even a preserved newspaper clipping of your marriage announcement will work.  It’s a lot of fun trying to put together our informal time capsules over takeout dinners (you might as well budget for them, no one is going to be up to cooking a meal after renovation work).

We’ve done a variety of things to personalize a project, from making a personal tile for a floor or shower wall to using a wood burning kit to etch our initials in a joist that’ll support the house.  When the project is all over, we can cuddle and talk about how the house itself has been built with love.


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