submitted by: Carol Grant


romantic-sharpie-permanent-marker-love-memory-home-building-dinner-date-ideaWhen my husband and I were building our new home, we were very anxious to move in and start our new lives together.  Being pregnant, romance was sometimes not the first thing on my mind but we tried to make the best of an already stressful situation.

The roof had only gone up a week before and we had just put the walls up and decided that we couldn’t wait any longer to have our first meal in our new home.  With no furniture in the entire house, we made a table out of a stack of drywall and covered it with an old blanket we had in the back of our van.

We put on some music and we ate sandwiches and soft drinks we had packed in our cooler and had only the light of our flashlight to eat by as it was getting dark outside. We sat on the floor and talked about our dreams and future together being in our new home and what our lives would be like together, and with our new baby due two months later.

We didn’t have any fancy dishes or candlelight or anything out of the ordinary but just sharing that moment together and the communication we experienced made it very special.

The next day we assembled our bed and slept in our empty house for the first time. I lit candles as our only source of light and we snuggled up together for our first night in our new home.

The entire construction period (4 months) was very stressful on both of us but we always remembered our love for each other and that we were building this house to spend our lives together.  It was our labour of love and we did it together.

Then, my husband did the most romantic thing for us. On the back of our very last sheet of drywall to be put up, he wrote our names with the year 2001 with a big, black permanent marker and sealed it inside our closet wall…   I thought this was very romantic and so thoughtful that I cried and will always remember this, even decades after we’re gone from this house.