submitted by: Roseanne Giudice


romantic-buying-home-saving-couple-dating-marriage-ideasWhen my husband and I first got married, he already owned his own home. Because I felt it wasn’t “our” home, as silly as that may seem, out of love for me, he agreed to sell it so we could purchase our own together. We found our dream house but the only way to swing it would be to come up with a 20% down payment to make it really affordable for us.  Since our home would take ten months to complete, we made the conscious effort to just live on my husband’s salary and bank every one of my paychecks. We cut out ALL extra expenses (eating out, movies, etc.) and put every last penny into our savings account.

During the ten months of nothing but saving, we experimented with new dishes to cook together, had weekly card games, played computer games, made homemade gifts for birthdays and for Christmas for one another, went for romantic evening walks and every day, either verbally or by leaving little notes, we would encourage one another that we had a goal we could meet as long as we worked together. It was difficult with our self-imposed restrictions but because we were determined to make the best of it, we reached our goal and learned that the most important thing is that we have one another.


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