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submitted by: Laura Sanno

The occasion was the “May Formal,” held at my high school. My mother made me a beautiful, full-length gown and the young men rented tuxedos. It was my first date with my escort, and we were accompanied by my best friend, her boyfriend and another couple.

As a special treat, the boys had made reservations at the posh local country club. My heart aflutter with anticipation, I stood in the club’s restaurant lobby, as the boys requested our table. It was the late 60’s, and one of the young men had hair that brushed his collar at the back of his tuxedo. We were told that this was unacceptable, and were turned away. Indignant, I said, “That’s OK, we’ll go enjoy ourselves at Burger King.”

Obviously disappointed, my date asked if we could stop by his house on the way to the fast food restaurant. We waited in our cars for about 15 minutes, wondering what up. was. With a large shopping bag in his hand, my date emerged, and kept mum as to the bags contents, which were hidden under tissue paper.

When we arrived at the Burger King and were placing our orders, my date found us a table, and when we arrived with our trays of food, he had created a table fit for a Burger “King.” His mother had helped him select a square linen tablecloth with napkins, china plates, glasses, flatware and even a candlestick with a taper!

Not only were we delighted, our table caused quite a stir, and we had a great time talking about our circumstances with some of the other diners! I felt like a princess and was so touched by my date’s romantic gesture! (Pretty good for a high school boy!)

I recently attended my 30th high school reunion, and guess who was there, all the way from the West Coast? We had a delightful time reminiscing about that evening long ago.

Memories like this never fade, and romantic gestures are treasured forever.