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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: David Theis

Before my first wife and I were engaged, I took her out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in downtown Nashville, TN. In the center of the restaurant, there is an authentic, red trolley, where patrons can actually sit and eat. It provides a sort of raised platform, where you can look out at the rest of the restaurant from above.

After the entree, before the server could bring dessert, I stood up and “clinked” my spoon and glass together, announcing to the entire restaurant,
“May I have your attention, please?”

Of course, every head in the restaurant turned, and I began to share with everyone about how my “girlfriend” and I had met and how much in love with
her I was. Then, as the server was bringing our dessert plates, she did not notice the ring box sitting on her plate, because she was too busy looking up at me. I then asked if anyone would mind if I disturbed their dinner by asking “this beautiful woman to marry me.”

At that point, I knelt down, took her hand, and reached to her plate,  presenting her with her ring. Of course, she couldn’t resist, and the restaurant erupted into applause. Even afterwards, we had a lot of people come to our table to congratulate us, handing us business cards, asking us to keep in touch and let us know how our relationship was going. One couple even demanded that we let them pay for our meal, because our “scene” had really reminded them of how their marriage began, sparking them to renewed feelings for each other.