Creative Dinner Dates

Creative Dinner Dates


submitted by: Amber Romel

dairy queenFor my boyfriend and my 9 month anniversary, I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. So, I got my best friend, who
happens to work at Dairy Queen, set up a table with candles, french fries, drinks, and a chicken sandwich. After that, I went to go get my boyfriend and brought him up there, all dressed up for a fancy restaurant.

Once we were there, I blind folded him and walked him to the table where I sat him down (keeping the blindfold on) and had my friend turn on the radio/tape player in the store. Our song, KCi and JoJo ~ All my life, came on and I walked over to him , took the blind fold off and asked him to dance. He just looked at me and smiled really big, took me in his arms and danced with me for about 10 minutes. After that we sat down to eat and after dinner, my friend brought us our favorite Blizzard to share for dessert. It was the best anniversary we have had yet!

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