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submitted by: Jae Campbell

I am a Scot and when I was 20 I really wanted to cheer up a female friend who I liked but who I had never actually dated though we had been to a number of activities together as a group. I came up with a plan and invited her out for a meal.

With a little help from some young friends from the local youth club I ran I got the preparations under way.

Now I had just returned from a mission for my church and was in a poorly paid job in Glasgow, Scotland at the time so everything had to be done to a very finite budget.

On the night I turned up in my kilt and had pre-warned my friend that we would be dining somewhere very posh so she had dressed up in a strapless evening dress borrowed from a friend for the occasion. We walked to a nearby park which was permanently open and walking through the park she began to quiz me about where we were going and why we were walking since it was a couple of miles to the city centre. As we approached the hill above Glasgow museum torches were lit by my young friends and there in the middle of the park was a table, two chairs (borrowed from our church) candles and a take away chinese dinner being prepared by a couple of my young friends who’d agreed to dress up in suits for the occasion. They poured the fruit juice (I don’t drink) and served the meals – kept warm in a cooler bag – then returned for my final surprise – as we ate they set off the fireworks I’d been keeping since last years Guy Folke’s Night – a firework celebration in the UK held in November. The sky was lit up and together we had a wonderful time. Not only did it cheer up my friend but several others passing by also enjoyed it though they kept their distance but made their feelings known by waving and cheering.