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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Chanon

My boyfriend ended up taking me to Burger King for dinner before a movie one night because we were running late, and even at that it was through the drive through.  He noticed how upset I was (I just don’t like eating in the car, let alone being in a rush) and parked the car so we could eat at the picnic tables outside Burger King.

He ended up disappearing (saying he had to go to the bathroom) and came back out with a Burger King crown that they give out with the Kids Meals.  Only this crown was inside out and in big permanent marker letters was written “My Queen” with hearts all over it and made me wear it all night long (I did protest when we went inside to the movie theater though!) Needless to say, he understood me enough to put a smile on me for the rest of the night together….and yes even 6 months later, I still have the crown on the corner of my bedpost.

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