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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Brewer Bunch

It was a typical Friday night, stopping to eat at our favorite Barbeque restaurant.  I didn’t think anything about it when my hubby excused himself to go to the men’s room.  He came back and we enjoyed our sandwiches and were joking about the need to get dessert when the waitress showed up with our “dessert”.  I just couldn’t figure out why a barbeque restaurant was serving fortune cookies.

My husband picked one up curiously so I had to be the first to open mine … hurry, hurry.  Then I began to wonder why I was opening a fortune cookie where the only thing on the fortune was our wedding date.  That was a coincidence and I wasn’t sure why that date had significance for the restaurant.  I took me to open the second cookie to actually catch on to what was going on!  It read “ILYSH”, which is our little thing!  (I Love You SweetHeart)!  I finished the rest of them, totally enjoying the moment!  My husband is always pulling these sweet little treats … and it is just wonderful!

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