Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Barbara Kuntze


roantic-kissing-snow-long-distance-relationship-ideas-ritualsMy sweetheart lives far away in Italy, while I live in Germany. Because he works for the Coast Guard, he works an intense 3-day shift. I know that he really loves kissing and being kissed.

Therefore on the first shift (afternoon) of this 3-day (varying shifts, but always the same hours…3 on and 3 off), I try to always make sure he has some KISS greeting, whether it is an e-card, kisses scanned in (pics or otherwise) or just WEBDINGS/WINGDINGS in an email.  He has no email access at home, so I know he always reads his mail when he gets to work.  On the last shift of this 3-day shift, 8pm -8am…. I always send some flirtatious card or mail… to keep him awake.  He then usually calls me, of course.

We met in June…via the internet…and as of August, I send him at least one message per day…. just a kiss emoji.  He usually calls once a day and leaves me a message on my segretaria (answering machine in Italian), but only when he knows I am not at home (because he knows I love to hear his voice……. over and over again…. later that day…. or I just call from the office just to hear it…. again and again).

Long-distance relationships are difficult to keep up, so fortunately through some technology, we can keep in touch….a bit closer.  He also loves receiving postcards from me….. with the imprint of my lips, with fresh red lipstick on the card.

And this is my little ritual…… to keep the romance in the relationship….. even when there is so much at the beginning…. but it sets the pace and basis for a future.  I don’t want to wait til I NEED IT, but rather now when those little gestures count so much.