Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Jennifer


romantic-couple-hugging-kissing-welcome-home-romantic-rituals-ideasThere are three “rituals” that Jason and I do each week which I believe keeps the spark in our relationship.

The first is that we write each other love notes on the mirror in the bathroom.  After one of us takes a shower and the mirror is steamed up, we write a little note.  Sometimes it is as simple as “I love you” or times it is a longer note having to do with life’s daily trials and tribulations.

Secondly, we always write each other little love notes on a small piece of paper so when the other person comes home and walks in the house, it is on the counter to see.  It always brings a smile to my face no matter how bad of a day I’ve had to see a note from Jason.

The third and most important ritual Jason and I do is when one of us walks in the house, the other person always gets up from what they are doing and walks over to welcome them home with a hug and a kiss.  It may seem like a simple thing but it is so important to show each other that we are paying attention and care that they other person is home.  We are always truly glad to see each other.

While all of these are small things, they serve as our daily rituals which I believe keeps the love strong in our relationship.