Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Gwen Hagar


romantic-family-romance-rituals-vacation-love-nightMy husband & I both work full time outside the home and we have two children ages 11 & 14, so sometimes our life can get pretty divided because we all are going our separate ways.  Sometimes it seems there are certain weeks that we just cant seem to touch basis together as a family – until bedtime.

Sunday & Wednesday nights have been designated as “I Love You” nights, & if something comes up, then we just change the night.  When the kids are ready for bed, we all gather in one of their rooms – we take turns on whose room to meet in.

We get comfortable – on the bed, or floor & then whose ever room we are in gets to pick who goes first.  We each take time to tell each individual what they have done in the last few days that has made us feel loved.  This makes us all aware of how we communicate our love to each other, even with a busy schedule.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to remember anything at all, then we say “it would make me feel loved if …”. When we each had our turn at our “I Love You’s”, we each take turn saying a prayer.  This really has helped enhance our family life & marriage as sometimes what makes one person feel loved, doesn’t necessarily make another feel loved, that way we clue in on the “top” love tank increasers.