Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Susan Abrams


romantic-heart-on-dark-background-romantic-ritualsMy husband and I leave Love Hearts for each other whenever we want to express our love without even saying a word.  I had purchased 5 small satin stuffed heart Christmas ornaments with the word LOVE written across the center.  I used to use them as Valentine decorations along the fireplace mantel.  I decided a year ago that I wanted to somehow incorporate the hearts into our relationship and use them as signs of my love for my husband.  I started to lay a heart on my husbands pillow at night for when he came to bed after I was already asleep.  He was so taken by the heart, when I told him I left him a symbol of my love, a Love Heart, that he handed me back the heart as a symbol of giving me his love.  Now it has become a romantic ritual with us to leave a heart for each other whenever we want to express our love in a special way.

I have tucked a heart in his brief case, or in the car, in his suit case when he went on a recent business trip.  The latest was yesterday when I replaced the battery in his watch for him and left the watch on the bureau with the band of the watch strung through the loop of the heart, when he saw the watch with the heart he instantly knew I replaced the battery.

This is a Romantic Ritual I started and he immediately picked up on, and is something special we share.  I too receive hearts on my pillow and in so many various places around the house.  I have the hearts in a small see through plastic drawstring tote hanging from our bedroom door handle so we both know where they are at all times.  This has become a Romantic Ritual we have incorporated into our relationship as a way of expressing our love, it could be daily, weekly, monthly… it’s when we have that special “Love Heart” moment.  Just one of the many loving endearments we express towards each other without even saying a word.