Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Karl Scifres

Romantic rituals getawaysOur children are in their late teen years (19 and 15 now) and as they got older, we found it increasingly more difficult to get away.  This really surprised me, because I thought it would be easier as they got older, but in fact the opposite was true.  For example, when they were little, it was a real treat to go to Grandma’s house.  But as they got into the teen years, they have activities, friends, and then
jobs — so it became harder.

Anyway, we decided a few years ago that instead of buying each other Christmas presents, we would give each other a getaway.  So now, each year, between Christmas and New Year’s — we go somewhere for at least three days.  We also try to plan a getaway in the summer — so we have at least two of these a year.  However, the one at Christmastime seems to be extra special because it’s our gift to each other.

My wife gets a little stressed out with Christmas anyway – so the getaway to each other has greatly reduced her stress level at this time of the year.  We both love the time together and look forward to it each year.