Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Kristina Myers


romantic-wedding-band-i-love-you-4-romantic-ritual-ideasMy husband and I have a conversation ritual that we perform every single day.  One person always starts it off and it’s so easy!  Here’s an example of our daily ritual:

Me:  I love you.
Hubby:  I love you too.
Me:  I love you three.
Hubby:  I love you four.
Me:  For what?
Hubby:  Forever!

Or, to add variety, sometimes the person who says “I love you four” comes up with a reason why we love each other.  For example, “I love you for getting along with my family” or “I love you for taking out the trash without me having to ask you.”

We even have “I love you 4” engraved in our wedding bands!