Romantic Rituals

Romantic Rituals


submitted by: Jana


romantic-praying-rituals-ideas-coupleMy husband and I have 2 daily rituals that strengthen our relationship.  Every morning, 15 minutes before we wake up our children, we meet together for “devotional”.  One of us shares a quote, thought, scripture or song.  Then we start the day off with a prayer.

Also, each night we have a short meeting called “QT with a Cutie”.  We get our PJs on, our teeth brushed, and meet on our bed.  Then we spend 15 minutes or so recalling all of the great things that happened during the day and we each share something positive about each other.  We finish off by praying together.  It sounds simple, but this time together has bonded us in wonderful ways and has produced an incredibly satisfying marriage.


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