Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Melanie


romantic-daisies-wildflowers-flowers-in-a-field-anniversary-surprise-ideasFor our first anniversary my boyfriend, Neil, treated me like a queen all day long. Unfortunately I had to work on this special day but that didn’t stop him from making it perfect.

I once told him while we were four wheeling at my cottage how I love daisies, but he never mentioned anything about it after that. But he knows that I’m a sucker for wild flowers because you can find them everywhere and they hold simple beauty.

The morning of our anniversary, he crept into my room with breakfast in bed complete with bacon, eggs, juice and a single daisy in a vase.

After he dropped me off at work, I found on my office desk a beautiful basket of arranged wild flowers. Of course I got attention all day long by the court clerks, judges and lawyers (I work in a court house).

They all thought he was the greatest guy, but of course I knew that already!! When I  got out of the shower that night, I noticed all the lights in the house were off. Right outside the bathroom door there was a candle on the floor with an arrow that read ”Follow Me.”

As I followed the arrow, it lead to my room where there was another candle that lit up a beautiful vase with 3 red roses. On the card it said “One Year Already, Time Goes by Fast When Your Love is So Deep. Love Neil xox” Next to the vase there was another arrow.

I followed a trail of arrows that lead to the living room where 365 hand picked daisies lay across the floor and spelled out “I LOVE YOU”. That was  the nicest, most romantic thing he’s ever done for me. I was really surprised. Those daisies are now dried up and arranged beautifully in my room next to my mirror so it’s an every day reminder that he does listen to even the smallest detail.