Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Michelle Zwolinski


romantic-roses-wreath-pink-red-roses-on-stem-flowersFlowers have been an influential theme in our relationship. Earlier in our relationship, we planted tulips together to show the importance of tending to a budding relationship. Each time we see our flower pots, we are reminded to be on guard against weeds and other items that do not belong in the pot.

Throughout the eleven months we have been dating, Ryan has bought me 9 dozen roses.  At first, he thought I was silly for drying them and keeping them. I always had a plan because I knew he was the ONE. We are getting married in June and I plan on making a large wreath out of the roses he has given me.

Now he gets excited when he sees the roses drying in my home. We are both looking forward to designing “the biggest wreath in the world.”