Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Christa


romantic-flowers-dating-ideas-gazebo-honeymoon-weddingMy husband and I were just married on June 12.  For our honeymoon we went to this fabulous resort in Jamaica. 

We went all through our week doing various activities never really leaving each others side.  On Saturday night he wanted to go to the little Italian restaurant that was there on the resort.  But before we walked in the door he steered me away from the restaurant and to the path that went up to this wonderful little gazebo that was at the top of this little rock mountain that overlooked the resort.

It was just the two of us up there for dinner with our own personal waiter that served us.  It was an amazing dinner that I was in tears over, I was so happy.  But my wonderful husband didn’t stop there.

When we arrived back at the hotel room he had me open to door.  The entire room was illuminated by candle light and there were flower petals all over the floor.  As we walked in there was a little message written out in different flowers on the floor saying I love you. There were flowers all over the bed and the pillow.  There were petals floating in the bathtub and all over the floor in the bathroom.  There was even a little bouquet on each of the nightstands.  We finished the night off with a glass of champagne and then putting the do not disturb sign out on the door.