Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Mark Robinson


romantic-red-rose-dating-ideas-valentines-day-proposal-kissesWhen I decided to propose to Sharon, I arranged for her landlady to keep her occupied while I snuck in her apartment to set things up. I had purchased a dozen red roses and ripped the petals off a few of them. I spread the petals in her bath tub and hung the rest of the roses upside down from her shower-head. After taping a card to the shower door and laying a trail of Hershey kisses to the washroom I called her landlady (who lived upstairs) and told her the coast was clear. Then I hid and waited for her to come downstairs, follow the trail and read the card which read, “Now that I have ‘kissed’ the ground you walk on, and ‘showered’ you with roses, will you honor me by being my wife?” After which I came out from behind the door holding her ring.

By the way – she said, “yes.”

Editor’s note: I shared this idea with my readers about 10 years ago – I’m glad to see it has spread around the world.