Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Rosalie Simonitch


romantic-roses-flowers-vase-tags-labels-loveI wanted to do something special for my boyfriend for valentines day a few years ago, But my funds were limited. Sometimes the old standard flowers and candy thing is just not interesting enough to express feelings for someone, so I put a twist on it.

I bought 3 dozen flowers at my local supermarket, an assortment. Then I made three dozen little tags that said things like “This is for rubbing my head when I’m tired” or “This is for making me laugh”. I punched little holes in each tag and tied them to each of the flowers. I put them in a nice little vase and left them for my boyfriend to find.

He loved the effort I had put into it, and we had a good time taking the flowers out one by one and reading the tags together. It is quite a nice thing to have someone write down three dozen things they love about you.