Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Candi Lindsay


romantic-tulips-in-field-yellow-dating-ideas-proposal-varietyWhen my husband and I were dating, my husband made up this game called “Colors of the Week.”  Every week I would receive a gift (alternating between home & work).  I received many arrangements of flowers that were the colors of the week.  He would tell me what the colors of the week were and I would have to guess the theme of the colors – they all related to sports.

This is how it went: The first few weeks I received colors of the opposing football team that our team was playing.  After I got that theme, the new colors went for three weeks, until I got the next theme (which was the colors of the football team ranked 21 in the AP polls (the 21 represented the date of my birthday).  The next theme was harder to guess.  Actually I never got it because my husband’s brother accidentally blurted it out.  (The theme was the colors of the winners of Monday night football.) The next theme I never got was the colors of the opposing players for this year’s football schedule.  He did those colors because he was planning on proposing.  He told me the theme after he proposed.

It was a fun game, and I got to do a lot of research on football teams while I was trying to guess the theme.

Also when there were 100 days left till our wedding day, my husband sent me a bouquet of 100 irises.  The arrangement was so huge the delivery person had to carry it over the cubicle walls to place it on my desk.