Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Bev Gibson


romantic-blue-rose-vacation-business-ideaOver the last 12 years my husband, Chuck, and I have filled his previously big and BARE backyard with plants and trees.  My husband’s favorites are our 12 rose bushes that bloom all year round (we’re in Florida).

Our business requires my husband to go out on business trips for weeks at a time.  As we work together out of our home we are together day and night.  When he leaves me, I feel like an arm is missing.

This summer while he was gone for a week, I went to the nursery planning to get him a new rose of some color we did not have.  They had “blue” roses.  I bought the plant and a beautiful pot.  When he got home, I gave him a romantic card with a little verse telling him how much I loved him and how “blue” I was when he

was gone.  Then when he went out to water his plants, he found his new “blue” rose plant cover with “blue” roses.  Each time he sees it, Chuck knows how much I miss him when he’s gone.