Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Anonymous


It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and I had to work that day, but we were supposed to head into Boston after work for a charity dinner.  All during the day, every hour on the hour, my fiance had a rose of a different color (not red though) sent to me at the office. Some hours he sent two so that by the end of the eight hours I would have a beautiful colorful dozen roses.  On every rose he attached a message as to what the color of the rose meant and why that was so special to our relationship.  Like on one he wrote “this rose represents friendship because our relationship would not be as strong and wonderful together as we are without the underlying friendship we share.”

After work I quickly changed and my fiance picked me up at the office to sweep me off to Boston.  He greeted me with a bouquet which included my favorite flower, Stargazer lilies.  On this note it said that “Ever since you have been in my life I have felt like I am one of the stars in the sky with the happiness you bring me.”Then we drove into Boston to the Top of the Hub restaurant where the charity event was supposed to be.  It ended up being a trick to throw me off track.  He confessed while we were in the elevator going up to the restaurant that he had lied and that he just wanted to surprise me with a romantic night out.

We had our dinner and then the waitress comes around the corner with a dozen long stem RED roses.  When I pulled out the card it said….”You may have noticed that I didn’t send any red roses to you today at work, so here they are.  These roses signify my everlasting love for you.  You have filled my heart with love and because of that I want to ask you one thing…………  Will you marry me??”

I turned to him and he was down on one knee with the ring out.  How could I ever say no??!!  That was the best day of my life and I still have all those flowers dried in our house.