Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Carrie Plude

romantic-paper-rose-dating-ideas-roses-on-bushBrad and I are extremely poor. I am working on my second bachelors and he his masters degree so all of our funds go to tuition and household bills.

I had been working a lot of hours this past spring and summer and had not had time to go home for my annual four day visit with my mom like I do every spring. I finally was able to go in the end of August and the visit was extremely bittersweet because Brad and I missed each other so much while I was away.

When I returned after the fourth day, Brad had made me a ‘dozen roses’! He had been on the internet all night, because he had to work during the day, searching and copying different types and colors of roses to copy and paste into a Word document. He then used construction paper to fashion a vase and glued twelve different roses and stems into the vase for me!

He is so thoughtful and sweet and I could have cared less if they were real or not; it took much more thought and time to find all of those roses, cut them out, and paste them into the vase than it would have to go to the store and simply buy them. He is my number one rosebud and I will treasure my ‘dozen roses’ forever!