Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Lori Ann DeBokx

romantic-flower-pots-dating-ideas-weddingFor our wedding my husband, my maid of honor, my bridesmaid and I hand painted 102 4″ clay flower pots. On these flower pots I painted different pictures of flowers, I even traced the flower off of our wedding invitation & stenciled it on some of the flower pots. On the bottom of the pot I wrote our names and our wedding date. On the bottom of the saucer I wrote “Thank you for sharing our special day”.

Then I had a greenhouse near my own home grow 150 flowers for me.  My bonus mother-in-law (some people call them step mother-in-laws – mines a bonus!), my maid of honor and I went to the greenhouse and we got to chose the flowers we wanted and we planted 3 different flowers into a 4″ container that would fit inside the flower pots.

I thought I was going to burst with excitement of our upcoming wedding to share my love for my husband through these flowers with our guests.

At the wedding  they were used as center pieces during the reception and dance, but afterwards it was a take home gift from my husband and me for every couple!

I had quite a few flowers left after the wedding and have since planted them around our acreage.  Every day I walk around and admire my flowers and I get this swelling in my heart remembering the love that my husband and I shared that day and every day.

So many people said what a wonderful idea the flowers were and I’ve had many phone calls and emails of people expressing how beautiful their flowers have turned out in their flower beds.

To me, flowers are a reminder of the love I share with my husband and how every year our love blossoms even more, just like flowers do.