Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Kat DeMille

romantic-chives-edible-flowers-dating-ideas-flower-petalsI have done the sprinkling of roses through the house in a trail to the bedroom but this time I “kicked it up a notch.”
I saved some melted down wax from some candles that had been burned down and re-melted it added my own selection of flower petals to it and molded the candles into little hearts.
I then had a clear glass vase on the table with some flowers but added some red food die to the water, some glitter and more petals so that the flickering of the candles made little sparkling flashes into the vase as the petals and glitter floated around the water.
Then I made breakfast. But the breakfast was special too because many flowers are edible and have a unique delightful flavor. You can imagine his surprise when he walked down to the kitchen with the petals on floor and then breakfast. I’ve included the recipe I used but as long as you know what flowers are edible you can make any recipe beautiful with flowers….
Baked Blue Flower Chive Omelet Recipe 
4 eggs
4 tablespoons milk
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons minced chives

3 tablespoons butter
About a dozen or so chive blossoms, gently washed and dried
Melt the butter in a frying pan then combine the remaining ingredients (save the blossoms) in a blender and pour into the hot, buttered pan. As the edges of the omelet begin to set, reduce the heat somewhat and with a spatula turn the uncooked eggs to the bottom of the skillet until they are all cooked.

Sprinkle the washed blossoms across the top of the eggs and then fold the omelet over and let cook another few minutes. Serve.