Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers


submitted by: Theresa Tirrell


daisy romantic flowersWe had been dating for a few months & one afternoon I brought a picnic lunch to his work. With the food, I brought a small basket of flowers for his desk, candles & sparkling water.

We had a great time, laughing and talking and near the end of our lunch, he picked a daisy out of the basket & proceeded to pluck each petal one by one. “She loves me, she loves me not” & so on until the entire flower was down to one petal.  While he was pulling off petals, I was saying, “Stop, don’t jinx us. What if it comes to she loves me not?” He laughed and finished the game.  The last petal was, lucky for me…She loves me!

We finished our lunch & returned to our jobs. A few weeks later, we were on a weekend trip together & he handed me a card (a common occurrence) and inside, sealed onto the left side of the card were dozens of daisy petals & a sweet little poem about us. He saved them from our picnic!