Using Songs

Using Songs


submitted by: Ellyn Bussey

romantic-dating-couple-wedding-songs-ideas-music-karaoke-talent-show-married-couple-in-gardenWhen my husband and I became engaged, we decided that we wanted to compose our own songs for each other to pre-record and have played during our wedding ceremony after we each said our individual vows.

I wrote the lyrics for my song, and took my ideas to a friend of mine who has his own in-home recording studio, and asked several different musician friends to meet with me as well, and we were able to get together and record my song for my husband. I did all the vocals (3 different harmonies) and a full band recording. I called my song “From This Day Forward”.

My husband recorded his song for me privately as well…and we surprised each other with them during the actual wedding ceremony…we had not heard the songs at all previously…we only pre-arranged when we would have them played, which would be immediately after each of us said our individual vows. We also had each of our lyrics printed up in the wedding bulletin for our guests to read along with the songs while they were played…and to have as a keepsake as well (they were printed in a very pretty font).

I even had a accompaniment tape made for myself so that I could sing it live myself if I should ever want to…and wound up being able to do just that when we were on our honeymoon! We went to Sandals Dunns River Falls, and signed up for their talent show, and I performed the song for my husband (and everyone else!) and shared our story with everyone there…it made it so special! It was one of our favorite honeymoon memories!