Using Songs

Using Songs


submitted by: Lori Williford


romantic-microphone-singing-dating-song-ideaAt least once a week I sing a love song to my partner.  I think of songs I’ve liked in the past, ones I like in the present, and sometimes I just search the internet for ideas.  You wouldn’t think it would be very hard to find good love songs to sing, but so many of them are about loss, or mistrust, or infidelity.  Several of the songs that I thought were good old love songs turned out to be so much less than what I have and want in my relationship.

After I finally choose a song, I practice singing it alone, then deliver it to my mate in one of two ways.  Sometimes I call our voicemail service and sing the song as a message ( we send each other phone messages everyday ). There is an added bonus in that our voicemail service sends us a real audio file of all our voice messages. Therefore, I can save my songs to our computer and then dub them over the music if I wanted.

At other times, I wait for the right moment ( usually when he’s not expecting it ) and then burst out into a song of love for my one and only.  He absolutely adores it, and whenever we may hear that song on the radio or anywhere else, it sparks a special feeling of love and togetherness, and helps to create wonderful memories that will always be able to be relived for us.