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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michael d. Grady

I’m a real big hunter, I pretty much hunt all kinds of game. The most memorable moment in my hunting life would be, spending one winter morning with my wife deep in the east Texas woods.

That morning was really cold and, it was the first time she ever went hunting. So, we snuggled under a blanket she brought and watched the light creep through the trees. About an hour after day light, she looked up at me and said, ” I love you!” about that time, snow started to fall through the trees. I turned backed to her and whispered, “I love you too!” as I leaned forward to kiss her, her eyes got big, and she quietly said, “turn your head and look at that” I looked and then I turned back to her, and said, “all alone in these snow filled woods, snuggling together, I’m not worried about hunting that deer.”

I got on one knee and reached in my pocket pulled out a ring and asked, “Amy, will you marry me?” then I slipped the ring on her finger as her eyes filled with tears. She said “yes” we were so, happy, we had to go and tell someone. As I stood up, I looked over my shoulder and saw the biggest buck in my entire life standing about 50 yards away.
We looked at each other as if, we both understood. I smiled a turned away, and my wife and I walked back to the house.

To this day, my wife still, when asked, says, that was the most romantic and magical time of her life.