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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Robin King

One of the few activities that my dearheart enjoys that I do not whole heartily participate is golf. His Sunday mornings, weather permitting, is spent perfecting his swing and enjoying the long walks around eighteen holes.

Though I send him off with his favorite breakfast or greet him upon his return with a cool beverage, I always wanted to have a presence on the course with him. One Saturday before his golf game, I went to our favorite chocolate factory here in town. I had them individually wrap his favorite chocolates, a couple of turtles, a chocolate covered cherry, coconut covered in chocolate plus a couple of others .

These little packages of sweetness were tied up with long curling ribbon – long enough to tie around his golf clubs. Before he headed out on Sunday morning, I tied the chocolates around the clubs and hid them under the club covers.

He headed out as usual on Sunday and I waited for a while before I headed to the course and left a final piece of chocolate in his car with a note that the best was yet to come and was waiting at home.

The part I had not anticipated was that he was teamed up with another man at the course as that particular morning the course was busier than usual. My dearheart enjoyed telling the other man that I always find a way to make him smile, especially at the most unexpected times.