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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Debbie

My husband and ten-year-old son enjoy sports.  I enjoy traveling.  This year I found a way to make us all happy.

A couple of years ago, I finished my goal of visiting all 50 states.  That was fun and inspired a new quest.  We have now started to visit all the major league stadiums.  As I planned this year’s vacation, I checked to see what teams played in the areas that we planned to visit.  We were able to check numbers 2-5 off of our 30 stadium list.  We started at Fenway in Boston which had a very interesting tour.  We then hit the stadiums in Toronto and Montreal where we took tours and saw games.  Then we ended up with a game in Detroit.

When we got home, my husband told me how much he enjoyed this idea.  He said seeing classic Fenway Park meant a lot to him.  He also commented that it is now more fun to watch games on TV having actually been there.  He even
suggested that if our son ends us not caring about finishing the quest, he’d like to do it.

Sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity to find an activity which combines something that we can all get excited about.