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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Meagan Funderburke

My boyfriend Stephen and I have been together for over a year, and we both love sports.  Part of the reason why we get along so well is due to our love for action and athletics.

During the summer last year Stephen and I were going to FSU together and taking classes.  It was different because all of our friends were out of town, so we spent all of our time together.  We decided to join a intramural softball team, so that we could meet new people and get out of our rooms.

So we started playing softball- I played short-stop or third base while he played first or second base.  It worked out very well- we had a lot of fun meeting new people and playing ball together.

Some days we’d go out on the green at school and just throw the ball.  Playing together really helped us to communicate better- and trust each other to do his/her job.  Plus it added some exercise and energy. It was just another way for us to spend time together doing something we both enjoy.