At Sports

At Sports


submitted by: Ro Steppe


Sports EquipmentI wish I could expound on a story where after exerting ourselves to exhaustion while biking through unexplored terrain, we fell to the ground under the starlight sky and proclaimed our undying love for each other, but that is not the case.

My sports related story has to do with always having to celebrate our wedding anniversary while attending one of our children’s athletic events.  Both sons play every sport imaginable and as good parents do, we forego the romance to spectate at soccer, baseball, football, or hockey games.

This year, as in many others, my husband coached the team and left ahead of me for the fields.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed quite a large crowd gathering around the third base bleachers.  Since our team was the home team this day, I headed in that direction.

Everyone was waiting to see my reaction when I realized my husband had erected a queen’s throne complete with cape and crown on the wooden benches. He included a sign that read, “Happy Anniversary, Honey!  Queen for Today and Always!”