Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: D Summers


romantic-baby-bottle-dating-ideas-pregnancy-annoucement-ideasWhen I found out that I was pregnant with our first child, after being married for 7 nearly years, I wanted to tell my husband in a fun, surprising way. We were prepared for having to wait a long time to conceive, so conceiving the first month was part of the surprising element.

I bought a baby themed photo album and wrapped it in a large box. I put a big, festive bow on the box and filled it with tons of tissue, so he had to dig to find the gift. He just thought it was an everyday gift when he first saw it. He was really quite surprised and was nearly speechless. When we decided to share the news with our family and friends, we wanted to tell them in a fun way.

All of our family and most of our really close friends lived far away so we decided that a note in the mail or a phone call was just not adequate. Since the big announcement was around Valentine’s day, we wanted to express our love for friends and family as well as announcing our joyful news. I bought clear plastic baby bottles and filled them with baby carriages and hearts of several sizes punched out of red, pink and white paper. I curled red and pink ribbons and added those to the bottles to add a festive look.

I printed a announcement in red ink on pink paper and rolled in up and slipped it in and made a “message in bottle”. I printed labels with all the mailing information and applied them to the outside of the bottle. We mailed them at the post office to smiles and chuckles. Each person that we mailed them to had a great time opening the “message in the bottle”. Many told us that they put them in a place of honor in their homes and showed them off.