Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Vicky Marshall


romantic-dating-ideas-vacation-bed-and-breakfast-car-anniversary-surpriseMarch, 2004 was our 24th wedding anniversary.  It fell on a weekday so couldn’t plan too much.  However, I made BIG plans for the following Friday.  I typed letters to my husband, giving one to the payroll clerk at his office to give him when he picked up his check at the end of the day. 

That letter told him to come home, shower and change and receive further instructions.  Taped to the bathroom mirror was another letter to pack an overnight bag including swimsuit and get in my car. A friend took me to the final destination so he wouldn’t be suspicious when my car was gone.

On the seat of the car was a letter telling him to go to the liquor store for a package.  I had made arrangements for them to put two bottles of our favorite wine, which I paid for, in the cooler and give him an envelope with more instructions.

That final letter gave him directions to a superb local bed and breakfast.  I had packed a picnic basket of goodies – wrap sandwiches, salads, crackers with artichoke spread, and home-made chocolate truffles.

He arrived in record time, and we had an enjoyable evening, including a soak in a private hot-tub on our own private patio.  I had a blast setting all this up, and I know he enjoyed the fruits of my labor!