Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Joyce


romantic-dating-ideas-victorian-dress-vacation-ideas-surpriseLast year, my husband wanted to totally surprise me with a trip to Mackinac Island, a place I have wanted to go to since I saw the movie “Somewhere In Time”.

He logged on to the website and found that the last week in October was the official “Somewhere In Time” anniversary,  and the festivities were held in the Grand Hotel where it was filmed, and some of the stars that were in the movie would be there. They also had a memorial for Christopher Reeve.

He took me to one of the nicest dress shops and had me pick out a couple of very elegant but somewhat Victorian style gowns, shoes to match and costume jewelry.

He said he had some special places to take me. He arranged for a babysitter also. While on the island, we found the place where Jayne Seymour said her famous line to Mr. Reeve, “is it you.. is it?”, a tree with a plaque stating it was the sight by the lake, and we had our own little “moment” with the same lines.

I have watched that movie so much, that I knew right where Ms. Seymore’s hand was on the tree, so I brought back a tiny peace of the bark to remind me of my most memorable romantic surprise.

Evenings back at the hotel were very grand, a most elegant meal in the main dining room was served, same place where “Elise and Richard” danced, and everyone was dressed in authentic or close to authentic attire based on the movie.

I got to kiss the old man “Arthur”, the bell hop, on the cheek for his birthday, and talked to the young “Arthur” and his wife!  Yes he’s grown up and has kids of his own!  Anyway, a lot of thought and energy, not to mention a tight lip, was put into this!