Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Kim Bennett


woman leading man date surprise weekendWe had been married for about ten years and caught up in working, raising a family and the usual day to day activities. I wanted to reconnect with my husband and thought of a special way to do so.

I arranged for family to watch our child and set about my plan for a romantic and fun weekend.  I told everyone that we were going “away” for the weekend and took the phone off of the hook. I went to the grocery store and bought all of my husband’s favorite food and prepared them in advance so all that I would have to do is reheat them. I even made chocolate covered strawberries!

I then cleaned the house really good so nothing would hinder our time.. I rented romantic movies and made reservations at his favorite restaurant for one night.

I arranged our room really romantically with flowers and candles and scented the sheets. I put a love note and mints on his pillow.

We don’t drink so I purchased some non alcoholic sparkling grape juice and had it sitting by two stemmed glasses on the table.  Then he came home. I had minimally prepared him for the weekend and he was really excited. We started off by toasting the weekend and then went to dinner. He was very surprised. I drove and he had no idea where we were going until we were almost there. We talked and laughed and a strolling violinist played music for us.  Then we went home and played Scrabble by the fire and watched a movie.

The next morning I awoke early and prepared a few goodies for a breakfast tray for him I served him breakfast in bed and  included some for me! We leisurely enjoyed our time. It was still raining so we watched more movies and talked.

Then in the afternoon it was just lightly drizzling so the next part of my plan went into effect. I took him to the Factory Outlet Mall near our house and we held hands and kissed in the rain. It was very romantic.  Then I surprised him by taking him to Fuzzywigs candies and letting him select anything he wanted and I paid for it.

Then we went home and as we were driving home the sun came out and we saw a gorgeous rainbow. We went home and devoured the delicious food that I had prepared. He was impressed with the loving care and attention to detail that I showed in the presentation and in choosing his favorites. We then played more board games and cuddled on the couch. We talked into the night and spent some blissful time reconnecting.

The next day was Sunday our last day of “vacation”. I had prepared a quiche and fruit bowl and some other goodies ahead of time and he said that he felt like a king when I served him again. I gave him a massage and we read the newspaper together in bed. It was all very cozy and laid back.

I then surprised him with an impromptu picnic. I told him I was kidnapping him. I drove to a lovely rural setting and we took a nice stroll past some beautiful scenery. Then we sat down in the sunshine and had a tasty picnic. On the way home, we stopped for an ice cream and ate it while holding hands. It was one of the most romantic times that I have ever had and we both enjoyed it very much.