Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Linda Linton

feet surpriseFor our first anniversary, my husband and I went to the same beach where we’d spent our honeymoon. I didn’t want everything to be a repeat of our honeymoon, so I planned to make each night of our anniversary trip very special.  I did things like fill the bathtub with water and float a message in a bottle for him to find.  But one night of our trip was especially memorable.

My husband is a pastor, so I chose one of the most loving gestures told about in the Bible.  I went on the internet and ordered a genuine alabaster box with a special anointing oil containing spikenard, rose, and other ingredients, each one with its own special meaning.  I had it shipped to a friend’s house, and when it came in, I hid it in my suitcase.  I’d also secretly bought candles, a plastic pan, and a sexy nightie to take along on our trip.

On the 2nd night of our anniversary trip, I asked my husband if we could take a walk on the beach, which we did.  (I figured that the walk in the sand would make his feet uncomfortable by the time we got back to the hotel).

When we got back in, I told him to sit & relax while I dimmed the lights and lit several small candles around the room.  Then I went to change.  I put on the nightie, filled the plastic pan with warm water, grabbed a wash cloth and bar of soap, some bath towels, and the alabaster box with anointing oil.  He kept asking from the other room “what are you up to?”  I just answered “you’ll see!”

When I came back in the room, I asked him to sit on the edge of the bed.  I put one towel on the floor under his feet and put the pan of water beside his feet.  I knelt down in front of him and took one foot at a time in my hands and placed it in the water.  I gently washed his hot, tired foot with the soapy wash cloth, then took it out and dried it in a towel.

After I’d washed both feet, I moved the pan of water out of the way and put a towel across my lap (still kneeling).  Then I gave him the alabaster box and anointing oil.  I took the oil and used it to massage every inch of his feet, one at a time, in my lap.  After both feet had been massaged with oil, I leaned over and “dried” them with my hair.  He was moved to tears and told me that it was the most loving thing anyone had ever done for him.