Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


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candles romanticLast night I actually did something nice for Amy. One of her absolute favorite movies is one called Down to You. It stars Freddy Prince Jr. and Julia Stiles. In a scene of the movie (actually the very end scene) Julia’s character, Imogen, comes home from work and opens the door to find a candle lit on a table.

Next to the candle is a note that says “Go to the  next candle”. Sure enough, there is another candle on a table a little farther into the apartment. On the note with the second candle it says “Why are you walking around in the dark, turn on the light.” And of course when she turns on the light, there is Freddy’s character, Al. He starts mouthing the words to Barry Whites “Can’t get enough of your love.”

I was originally supposed to go to the Nationals game with a friend, but he forgot about a date he had made a while ago, so we canceled the game.  Amy, however, didn’t know that. She thought I wasn’t going to be home until around 11pm. So I went about my plan as soon as I got home.

I had the notes almost identical to the movie versions. Knowing that I could not repeat the magic of the movies in my apartment (in the movie she turns on the light and the apartment is lit entirely with candles, who knew you can light candles by a switch!)

I had the last note amended to read “open the door and turn on the light” and set the candle near the bedroom door. By the time she was off of her class, 9:45, I was in my suit and had my handy Screwdriver prop Mic handy. The song was cued, the candles were lit and I was in position.

When she walked in, I couldn’t see her face. (I was behind the close door) But as soon as she turned on the light and heard the song, I could swear she  was about to cry. I played the roll almost exactly. We danced, and hugged, and she still looked like she was going to cry.

It felt good to do something nice for her. And the really nice thing is that it took nothing to do it. I  owned the song, I had the candles, and the notes were just some paper. So for the cost of a match to light the candles, I put a smile on her face that will last her a lifetime.