Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Amber Scott


romantic-dog-tag-puppy-pup-tag-dating-ideasWhen I found out I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I were stationed at different bases, some 3,000 miles away. We made it a point, though, to come out and visit each other at least once a month. I decided the best time to tell him I was pregnant was when he came back to visit that month. I needed to find a way to tell him and I wanted it to be special. My husband and I wear each others dog tags – a special thing between us. After we got married, I had to get new ones, and hadn’t given him a copy of it yet. Thus, I got my idea. I would create “my” dog tag and give him one. I had the tag inscribed :

                             Scott (our last name)
                             I’ll be here soon
                             to meet my
                             Mommy and Daddy

I put the copy of them on a chain with everything I normally wear on my dog tags so they looked like mine. After that, I bought a baby army uniform and wrapped it up. We usually bring or have a present for each other when we visit so this wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary. Next, I decided that I would try to create a “romantic” dinner in my barracks room. This would be hard since I didn’t have anything but a microwave and a refrigerator in the room. Luckily I convinced my friend to let me use her kitchen. So I made the “traditional” if you will, meal for telling the husband. Baby corn, baby back ribs, baby carrots, and those little baby potatoes with a dessert of little cheesecake cupcakes.

I then decorated the room with those white Christmas lights (since you can’t have candles in the barracks) and red sheer sheets over the lights and made it look really nice.

When he walked into the room, he was so confused. I told him, I wanted to try something different this time (the home cooked meal) and asked if he liked it. He said he did so we sat down to eat. Of course, he never clued in to the baby everything for dinner so we moved on to the gifts.

I told him to open mine first. After he did, just stared at them and was like ok, your getting an early start on the whole baby thing aren’t you and of course I told him yes. Then I told him I had to give him one more thing before I could open his. I told him I needed to give him a copy of my dog tag and handed them to him and told him to take one.

So he looked at them and then back at me, and read them again and looked back at me, and finally got the biggest smile on his face and I SWEAR I saw a tear build up as he came around the table and gave me the biggest kiss in the world.