Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


submitted by: Suzanne


romatnic-surprise-ice-cream-mexican-dating-idea-pregnancy-announcement-ideasI was very surprised to find out that I was pregnant last November after only one month of trying. I didn’t have much time to plan how to tell him as I found out about 4pm and he was due to get off work at 5pm.

All my life though, I have had this big vision for telling my husband I was pregnant in some creative way. So I quickly dropped our older two off at my mother’s house (and left her very confused because I wouldn’t tell her why) and called my husband. I told him that I had had a last minute project come up at work and had to run an errand in the city. I went on to tell him that my mom had taken the kids and did he want to meet me for dinner.

I invited him to our favorite little Mexican restaurant, and the place where we got engaged. He agreed and I took off. On my way, I stopped at a baby store and picked up a card for the parents to be and a small plush rattle shaped like a football, as I know he is kind of hoping for a boy. Then I dashed to the restaurant and requested “our” table.

I explained to the waitress what I wanted to do. He got there and I have to admit, I am bad at secrets, so he knew something was up. I managed not to give it away though and we enjoyed a nice dinner. I think that as every member of the wait staff and the management stopped to smile at us, I was lucky he didn’t figure me out.

When the meal was over, the waitress took our plates, but never asked about dessert. He commented on how weird the waitress was acting and was still kind of mulling it over when she came up behind him (followed by the entire staff) and set a plate of fried ice cream in front of him with the rattle in the center and CONGRATULATIONS! written in chocolate syrup.

My husband just kind of stared at it for a minute and then started to cry. I think every person in the restaurant was clapping by the time he looked up at me. It was definitely a magical moment.