Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


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romantic-black-dress-and-suit-dinner-surprise-trick-dating-ideas-proposal-surpriseBefore we were engaged, my husband and I had been talking about marriage for quite a while.  I had a hunch that he would be proposing soon.  So, when he called and asked me to a dinner at his house I knew the time had come!!  I dressed very carefully because I wanted to look nice if it was the day he was going to propose, but I also didn’t want it to look obvious that I thought he was going to propose, just in case he wasn’t. . .

So, I showed up at his house, trying to act casual, but VERY excited on the inside.  When he let me in I saw him in old jeans and a T-shirt.  We went in to the kitchen where I saw dinner on the stove: something that looked like dog food and burned french bread. It looked and smelled disgusting! He said that he accidentally burned it, and was running late, so could I set the table. I was so disappointed.

The old jeans, T-shirt, burnt dinner and general “unspecialness” of the whole thing clearly told me that this wasn’t the BIG night. Well, I was determined to enjoy being with him anyway, despite my disappointment. Besides, he really did try to make me dinner. The least I could do is be polite and try to eat some of it. It’s the thought that counts, right?

So, I went to the cupboard to get down plates.  Sitting on top of the plates he had a single red rose, a small candle, and the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life!!  I was in shock.  Before I knew what was going on he was down on one knee and proposing!!

After I said yes (of course!!) and kissed, he told me to go to the back room, where he had another single red rose, a beautiful black dress and shoes for me. He told me to go to the bathroom and put them on.  In the bathroom was another single red rose, a necklace, and perfume to finish the job.

While I was changing, he changed into a nice suit and then he took me out to dinner at a really nice restaurant, where he had the other 9 red roses (1 dozen total).  We had a beautiful evening!

He knew that he would have a hard time surprising me since we had been talking about marriage so much; so he decided to throw me off track. Boy did it work! Tricky man!  Earlier that day he had taken my roommates shopping to find the dress and shoes, since they knew what size I wore. They loved it too because they got to be part of the surprise as well!